VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp. (CSE:BOLT) (FRANKFURT:NXFE) (OTCQB:PCRCF) (the “Company” or “Pacific Rim Cobalt”), a resource company currently exploring the Cyclops Nickel-Cobalt Project (“Cyclops”), located proximal to the world’s largest cobalt market, today announced mini-bulk sample results.

Mini-bulk sample highlights (see Table 1. for details):

Sample A0001032:
Limonite zone 1m to 2m; 1m @ 1.23%Ni, 0.16%Co and 1.97% nickel equivalent (NiEQ1)

Sample A0001034:
Limonite zone 0m to 1m; 1m @ 1.15%Ni, 0.11%Co and 1.66% NiEQ

Sample A0001035:
Limonite zone 1m to 2m; 1m @ 1.78% Ni, 0.09% Co and 2.19% NiEQ

Pacific Rim Cobalt’s exploration efforts are focused on establishing a maiden compliant resource for the project both in historically identified and drill-tested prospects as well as previously unexplored areas of the claims. During the first 9 months of 2018 the Company focused on assembling the necessary agreements to access northern areas of the project hosting historically identified mineralized zones. While awaiting access Pacific Rim Cobalt was able to complete mapping, sampling and a mini-bulk sample within the mineralized zones and also conducted a small-scale program in the previously unexplored far southern area of the project which yielded continued yet reduced mineralization. With surface access to priority targets now established the Company will initiate drilling and extract additional mini bulk samples for further metallurgical testing which is currently underway.

“We are excited and optimistic about the unique possibility of developing this project into an asset that will add shareholder value and position the company to play a future role in the battery metals supply chain,” remarked Ranjeet Sundher, Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Rim Cobalt. “We expect the near-surface nature of cobalt/nickel mineralization at the Cyclops project will lend itself well to low-cost, logistically straightforward drilling. We thus anticipate the opportunity to undertake a resource calculation study, as well as ongoing metallurgy and process option testing, will present itself in the near future. It’s going to be a busy year ahead, and we look forward to getting the drills turning and building value.”

The project area located in Papua Province, Indonesia, benefits from excellent infrastructure, including proximity to a work force and supplies, sealed roads, ocean access, nearby port facility, and gentle topography. The road system enables year-round access to the project and connects it with the large town of Sentani, located about 15 kilometres (kms) to the east, and with Jayapura, the capital city of Papua Province, located about 40kms to the east.

Northern Area

Bulk sampling of the laterite limonite profile and underlying saprolite was taken from an area covering the historic Kirpon resource area and will be the subject of metallurgical test studies.

Earth works have exposed the laterite profile from surface to a depth of approximately 4 metres (m) over a distance of some 200m. The bulk sample location is on the western edge of the delineated historic resource area with the mapped laterite zone up to 1.7km East-West in the area.

A total of six (6) samples were taken with four (4) from the limonite and two (2) from the underlying saprolite zone. All were channeled and a summary of the results is provided in the table below.

Table 1. Kirpon Bulk Sample Results

Al2O3 (%) CaO (%) Fe2O3 (%) Fe (%) MgO (%) MnO (%)
XD009 A0001031 0 1 22.2 Limonite 0.8 0.06 1.08 5.4 <0.01 75.14 52.55 0.72 0.7
XD009 A0001032 1 2 21.8 Limonite 1.23 0.16 1.97 4.9 0.02 74.12 51.84 1.82 1.16
XD009 A0001033 2 2.5 11.6 Saprolite 2.01 0.04 2.19 1.69 0.07 22.98 16.07 25.94 0.29
XD010 A0001034 0 1 22.0 Limonite 1.15 0.11 1.66 5.29 0.01 72.15 50.46 1.49 1.01
XD010 A0001035 1 2 21.9 Limonite 1.78 0.09 2.19 4.36 0.05 61.89 43.29 3.87 0.88
XD010 A0001036 2 2.5 12.0 Saprolite 1.52 0.02 1.61 0.63 0.08 12.87 9.00 33.56 0.12

The bulk sampling results are commensurate with previous historic data.

The bulk samples will now be shipped to a specialized laboratory for bench scale studies to test the mineralized material’s amenability for production of a mixed Ni-Co hydroxide product.

A 50-hole core drill program on a 100m x 100m grid basis is to commence in early January 2019 on the northern areas over zones of laterite which formed part of the original historic resource.  Mapping and augur sampling for the drill program to define priority target areas is to commence in mid November 2018.

Southern Area

Phase one exploration to delineate and evaluate zones of laterite in the previously unexplored southern half of the property has been completed.

A regional mapping program completed over 2500 hectares (Ha) of the southern half of the property has delineated a 280Ha area of laterite material. A follow up 600-hole, shallow, hand augur program on a 100m x 100m grid, sampling the top 1m, delineated anomalous zones for follow up drill testing. 71Ha of the area hosting laterite material contained zones of anomalous nickel and cobalt with values up to 0.62% Ni and 0.07% Co.

A core drilling program was completed on a 200m x 200m grid over the anomalous zones with follow up on a 100m x 100m on selected areas. The drilling tested the limonite zone and underlying pallid zone of the laterite profile. Three light man portable drills employed have achieved maximum drill depths of 25m to 30m.

A total of 700m in 48 drill holes has been completed. Drill core was logged, sampled and sent for assaying.  All drilling was JORC compliant with all protocols in place and assaying was completed at the Geo Assay Laboratory – PT. Geoservices, Cikarang, Jakarta.

Two (2) test pit holes were completed in the North Dosay area. Five (5) samples collected from the 2 test pits with results shown in Table 2.

Table 2. North Dosay Bulk Sample Results

NiEQ1 (%) Al2O3
TPD001 A0000945 0 1 20.0 Test pit 0.49 0.07 0.81 17.34 0.12 49.55 34.66 2.9 0.92
TPD001 A0000946 1 2 20.0 Test pit 0.60 0.07 0.92 15.54 0.1 48.69 34.05 6.19 0.93
TPD001 A0000947 2 2.7 20.0 Test pit 0.68 0.04 0.86 10.96 0.24 30.6 21.40 17.69 0.45
TPD002 A0000948 0 1 20.0 Test pit 0.46 0.03 0.60 6.29 1.94 24.69 17.27 21.24 0.42
TPD002 A0000949 1 1.2 20.0 Test pit 0.26 0.02 0.35 2.64 1.03 14.31 10.01 31.58 0.2

Drill intersection highlights:

MDA001 from 0 to 8m   8m @ 0.66% Ni, 0.04% Co  and 0.84% NiEQ1
MDB001 from 2 to 5m   3m @ 0.41% Ni, 0.06% Co  and 0.69% NiEQ
MT001     from 0 to 6m   6m @ 0.68% Ni, 0.05% Co  and 0.91% NiEQ
including from 0 to 4m   4m @ 0.63% Ni, 0.06% Co  and 0.91% NiEQ
MT002     from 0 to 8m   8m @ 0.39% Ni, 0.05% Co  and 0.62% NiEQ

The program delineated a zone of elevated Ni and Co over serpentinised ultramafics. Results are being evaluated. The focus will now be on the northern zones of interest.

Drilling will consist of shallow holes (10m to 35m vertical depth each), which, based on historical information, is sufficient to intersect the targeted limonite zone. The Cyclops project was extensively explored by previous operators with a focus on nickel mineralization, during which time they completed 856 drill holes and 26 test pits.

Nickel equivalent is calculated as %NiEQ = (%Co x 4.6) + %Ni based on US$5/lb Ni and US$23/lb Co. No metallurgical recoveries were applied to either metal as it is expected that the metallurgical recoveries will be similar for both metals. The Company is assuming that both nickel and cobalt are of sufficient grade to be recovered.

Sample Processing

Pacific Rim Cobalt staff collected the mini-bulk samples discussed in this news release, which were placed into sample bags sealed and delivered to the PT. Geoservices (Ltd) – Geo Assay Laboratory in Bekasi Indonesia. The Geo Assay Laboratory analysed the samples using the XRF fusion method. PT Geoservices Ltd – Geo Assay Laboratory employed industry standard internal QA/QC methods that Pacific Rim Cobalt reviewed and found acceptable.

Qualified Person

Garry Clark, PGeo, independent director of Pacific Rim Cobalt, is the qualified person as defined in NI 43-101, who has reviewed and approved the scientific and technical content in this presentation.


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